Ballparks Map Baseball, Ballparks of America Baseball. Bergino Ballpark Baseball
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Ballparks of America Map Baseball

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Sku: FM-BER-69
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Product Description

With this Ballparks Map Baseball you can re-live that magic moment where you first set eyes on your first baseball game! Walking up to the ballpark, going through the turnstile, an elderly gent tearing your ticket... you find the sign directing you to your section. Then you walk into a long, dark tunnel. As you come out, your eyes open wider than your mouth and your heart stands still. Before you, the most brilliant diamond you have ever seen. And, no matter how often you've since walked through that tunnel, every single time you emerge and see that ballfield, it's your first baseball game all over again. Baseball is beautiful. This Ballpaks of America Baseball....truly beautiful.

Handmade to professional standards, this Ballparks Map Baseball depicts the most famous stadiums on a map depicting America and your favorite baseball fields in unique gloss wraparound artwork. So no matter where your first baseball game was, this nostalgic baseball gift features classic ballparks such as: Fenway Park, Yankee Stadium, Shea Stadium/Citi Field, Citizens Bank Park, Camden Yards, Wrigley Field, Busch Stadium, Dodger Stadium, and many more. Includes a Gift Box with a Turf Base Stand so you can proudly display your love of the all-American sport of baseball.

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Ballparks of America Map BaseballFM-BER-69 $24.95Sale price: $19.95
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Ballparks of America Map Baseball